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Studio Equipment, Gear & Team

Trigacy Advantage

#1 Best in Class

When you work with Trigacy, you can expect only the best-in-class service and equipment.

Creative Team

Our team is literally made up only of creative marketing people. You'll love working with us!

Reliable Support

For us, service means taking care of everything from start to finish. We always provide reliable support.

We are people from Pune with diverse backgrounds. We love uniting people with our skills, creativity, and overall essence of services. We believe in videos as social fuel that are naturally a great opportunity to shout ideas and collaborations. We are a proud team of videographers, editors, directors, scriptwriters, and digital marketers. We understand digital art and hence we value the spirit of our team, as we are driven, committed, and keenly observant.

Our culture gives us a competitive advantage where we strive to create an ecosystem where smart, motivated, and creative people succeed. We combine our expertise and experience in videography to beat your competition and help achieve your goals.
The secret sauce behind our team is our equipment, facilities, and skills we have, which a very few of our competitors possess together in one place in Pune. Yes, we take pride in mentioning ourselves as a one-stop videography company in Pune. We help you achieve measurable and positive results for your brand.

What Do You Pay for When You Choose Us?

Top-Notch Video Equipment On Board

Business Collaboration for Video Services

The Best Studio Features to Complete the Production

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Top-Notch Video Equipment On Board:

Whether you want to have lights or the whole backdrop, you can’t do it without the right kind of studio and gear in Pune. Since finding the right equipment and venue can be as daunting as finding the right team, Trigacy Studio helps you even when you are on a tight schedule. We don’t ruin your marketing budget for this, either.
Ditch the time taking process. Go for our Corporate Film Making Packages in Pune to start your amazing journey in videography and video marketing. Trigacy Studio offers top-notch studio, team, and videography services to all kinds of businesses regardless of your budget. When it comes to corporate video making in Pune, we have collaborated with better studios, have industry-leading equipment, and a team that serves you better. With over 5 cameras on board, we can handle anything, from a two-man crew to multi-camera, Live-TV studio production.
Since we are based in Pune, we are fueled by the excitement and energy this magic city has. Looking for a creative team for your next video shoot? We have direct access to top-level production studios and equipment anywhere in the city, or we can set everything up at your own facility too.

Business Collaboration for Video Services

  • Producers & Directors
  • Cameras & Crew
  • Editors & Scriptwriters
  • Photographers & Studios
  • Digital marketers – Social Media & Websites

Team & Equipment at Trigacy Studio

We are no less than a film making studio based in the modernized part of the world. We are a Pune-based corporate film making studio backed up by creative brains and industry-leading videography equipment.
Equipment at Trigacy Studio – in house & rentable:

In house

  • Simpex lights
  • Greenscreen
  • Light stands
  • Lumix s5
  • Lumix Gh4
  • Canon 200d
  • Boya lapel mic
  • Tripod


  • Gimbal
  • Boom mic
  • External lights
  • Aeriel Video Support – DJI Mavic

Crew & Support

  • Producers, Directors, Assistants
  • Production Crews
  • DSLR Production
  • Camera Stabilizers
  • Digital Non-Linear Editors
  • scriptwriters
  • Top Talent and On-Camera Personalities
  • Multi-Lingual Voice Over Artists
  • 3D Animators and Graphic Designers
  • Music Composers
  • Aerial Camera Packages
  • Professional Digital Photographers

The Best Studio Features to Complete the Production

Our spacious studios feature shooting spaces with soundproof areas. Trigacy Studio also offers green cycloramas with appropriate lights. The film and photo studios we have collaborated with also have other essential elements needed for your production. Get in touch with our film and photo studio in Pune for all your rental needs!

You can easily narrow down your requirements and pick one of our packages to use our videography services in Pune. And you are set. Depending on the package you choose, you will get all the gears that come with your plan, so you don’t have to rely on someone else.

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