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When you work with Trigacy, you can expect only the best-in-class service and equipment.

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Our team is literally made up only of creative marketing people. You'll love working with us!

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For us, service means taking care of everything from start to finish. We always provide reliable support.

Extended capabilities of Trigacy Studio in Pune let you live broadcast your conferences, speeches, events, meetings, award nights and product launches, etc. Get a professional team to deliver a stable look, image, amazing audio quality with trendsetting gear. Live streaming services in Pune from Trigacy Studio are a natural progression to our videography capabilities and professional video production services. We offer both single camera and multi-camera live coverage web streaming solutions in Pune, India, and around!

What Do You Pay for When You Choose Us?

Ultimate Customer Support

Pay for ‘Live Event Only’ Plans

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We have already helped many clients with their unique requirements in India like:

  • CEOs with a requirement to reach out to their clients, subordinates, and colleagues live
  • Companies in need to exhibit live conferences
  • Doctors and physicians wanting to exhibit their surgeries
  • Brands with their product launch requirements

So many companies now have their own channels and teams catering only to their employees and associates. Since they require extended capabilities of going live with their offerings, we provide support for their live-streaming needs that keep every associate across the globe in tune with the internal developments of the company. We specialize in web streaming videos, speeches, video tutorials, live Q&A, discussions, meetings all happening in the corporate world. Live-streaming is now important since the dawn of the new work culture. Brands are now using the internet to reach out to the world, and Trigacy Studio offers extended technological and creative support for such organizations.

What Did We Think While Starting Off This Service?

Just around a few years back, the only option to go live on video was the TV. But, with the evolution of technology and human creativity, we can now launch our videos to any space we want. Even in the actual space. There are now more mobile screens in India than TV screens. While live streaming opened doors for webcasting to corporate businesses, YouTube Live and Facebook Live have opened doors for people to enjoy live events. Webcasting is evolving as a chosen format for many businesses to their target audience. With internet speeds getting better and data getting cheaper, we are now into an era where live broadcasting is giving desirable results in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions. When every person with a smartphone comes across a live feed, they automatically become a potential buyer for a brand’s product or service.

To provide a great live streaming experience to your audience, the process is a bit complicated. You might need the help of a professional with multi camera setup for great audio quality, or just the use of a good camera for better picture quality. Your mobile phone camera with a wide-angle lens might disturb the image so it is difficult to use it for high-end professional web streaming.

Trigacy Studio has all the gear and team to do single camera webcasting and multi camera with switchable webcasting. So be it corporate meetings, conferences, product launches, CEO addresses, product demos, live video exercises, high-profile occasions like award ceremonies, or music shows, we can go live!

We offer video creation services along with shooting meetings, interviews, product dispatches, and so on. Our dearest clients frequently choose us as we are a one-stop solution for the shoot and for the webcast on their website or some online stage. The purest way is web streaming. We shoot and broadcast online live.

The expense of going live on the web is a small part of the expense of going live on TV. There are broadcasting costs for TC and the expense of shooting is far lower for live streaming than for TV.

India is the second largest country in terms of mobile screens, so online streaming will only increase. Network companies are dropping data charges. It’s a matter of time when online streaming of videos will become the only trusted way of marketing and win over the television soon.

Live Streaming Service Pricing

If you have reviewed our pricing and packages for corporate filmmaking in Pune, India, our live streaming services are similarly affordable and accessible easily for local businesses.

Since the output of the video is not defined by us, you can rely on us for a day or two for video live streaming, and we can discuss the pricing for your requirements in your first call with our expert video makers here at Trigacy Studio.

What is the Cost of Live Streaming an Event?

If you choose Trigacy Studio, you will be paying for two major things we have: people and technology. But these charges will depend on what kind of requirements you have. We are ready to provide full support for your live streaming requirements, and you can monitor your own broadcast along the way. There is no guessing game with quality when it comes to live streaming with Trigacy Studio. We have a set of top-notch gear like cameras, tripods, computer systems, and much more. You can choose Trigacy Studio no matter what your requirement is, ranging in:

  • The number of events you expect to live stream
  • The size of your expected audience
  • The bitrate you plan to use

Trigacy Studio Streaming Costs: What Do You Pay for When You Choose Us?

At Trigacy Studio, you’ll always get what you pay for, simply, without any guesstimating. There are two huge benefits:

Ultimate Customer Support

We are a Pune-based company, and you are always welcome to the office in the serene locality to discuss your live streaming requirements. Our “freakishly good support” is beyond what regular live streaming providers say. We will keep monitoring your broadcasts to make sure everything goes smoothly, and our team keeps working behind the scenes to help solve any troubleshooting or viewer issues.

Pay for ‘Live Event Only’ Plans

Our live streaming costs depend on the live stream time or event basis. We don’t charge you extra for anything else but the time and technology we invest in for you.

If you like our services (which we believe you will love), we can discuss subscription plans for you so that we are just a call away when you are planning for such an event.

Additional Professional Photoshoot & Videoshoot services

We offer professional services to help you with extra support. Our videographers and photographers can help you with the event’s photoshoot, editing, and publishing on social media too. At the backend, we have a team of video editors, photo editors, social media experts, and SEO strategists who can help you get your event in the limelight. Need a press release about your event before and after? We have a team of writers about to pen down beautiful words about you.

Need more information about live streaming costs?

Let us help! If you have questions and specific requirements with live streaming, please let us know and we can arrange a phone call or a meeting here at our Pune office.

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